Have I got an easy, healthy recipe for you today! Salmon is a great choice for a healthy food and can be the foundation of a special meal. Maybe the idea of preparing salmon sounds too hard to tackle. Afterall, if you splurge on buying a good piece of salmon, the last thing you might want is to have it not turn out well. Watch the video and you may be surprised at just how easy and fast it can be to prepare a salmon dish worthy of serving in a top notch restaurant!

Quick and easy meal.

Quick and easy meal.

The presentation is lively and inviting but I suppose it ought to be good given that it is a Martha Stewart production. I learned a thing or two when I reviewed the clip. However, I would suggest making this dish a little healthier by adding a bit less salt and butter. I know the salt adds flavor but you will find that as you cut back on the amount of salt you add to foods you will adapt to the pleasing flavor of food without so much sodium.

The recipe calls for using parchment paper, something you can purchase at your local grocery store. However, the recipe will work equally well with aluminum foil.

If you give the recipe a try let me know how you like it!

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